Sunday, June 07, 2015

Year-End Dance Recital

Reading Journals

We have been talking about writing in our journals. Scott got a journal as a gift for his baptism, and he started writing a few things in it. Today, R pulled out a journal that her mom started for her about her childhood. The kids sat with her and laughed as she read about familiar milestones like potty training and learning to ride a two-wheeler-bike. She also broke out some audio cassettes with the Safety Kids and some other classics.

March Madness 2015

[May 16 2015]

Filling out brackets was his choice for our FHE "game" tonight. It was hilarious to hear him discussing thing like Louisville's chances, based on what he had observed over the last 2 years. He picked Gonzaga to win it all. He just thinks it is too far-fetched for Kentucky to have a perfect season. I have seen both teams play. I picked Kentucky. (Handwriting is mom's)

Cooking With Katie

[Mar 12 2015]

Mom was gone to a choir practice so we had some time to ourselves. I suggested making cookies and got an enthusiastic response from Katie. She loves to help cook in the kitchen. This particular recipe is "Easy Candy", which R learned from her mom as a kid. It's essentially sugar, butter, peanut butter and chocolate melted together and mixed with oats. I love it. The kids usually get to eat a few but Dad eats the rest while they are sleeping.

March Break at the Fish

[March 21, 2015]

Scott on Whitetail (blue run)

Katie on Chipmunk (green run)