Thursday, June 24, 2010

Burgers and Bounce Houses

In a single weekend in June, we managed to eat burgers 3 out of 3 days (counting Friday) and Scott went in a bounce house or a trampoline 3 out of 3 days. It was a good weekend by my reckoning.

First off, on Friday, we went to Spruce Meadows for a work party. As you might have guessed already, burgers were on the menu. Aside from watching the horse-jumping competition, Scott got to do some jumping of his own in the bounce house that was provided.

The following day, we went to Calaway Park in the morning (where Scott did the log ride and saw Spiderman), and then crashed a community BBQ in the community north of where we live. Thanks to the generosity of a local real estate agent, there were free burgers and cotton candy. There were also two bounce houses. A fine event.

Finally, we went over to R's parents' place for Sunday dinner and enjoyed a meal of BBQ burgers before sending the kids out to the back yard to bounce on the trampoline. You would suspect that with all the beef and bouncing there might be some barf, but this was not a problem.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Baby Geese in Bowness

There is a bridge in Bowness Park where we like to go to feed the ducks and geese. I prefer it because we can toss the bread down to the birds in the water from a safe distance. One of the first times we ever went, Scott was feeding the geese from the shore and one of the geese nearly took the bread right out of his hand and freaked him out a bit. The bridge is great.

We went back a few weeks ago and saw quite a few goslings. None of the goslings charged us, but I could tell they were thinking about it.

Scott likes to throw the bread down to the birds, but his true love is throwing rocks into the river. He loves a good rock. Just yesterday we were walking down the sidewalk and he suddenly darted into the grass to retrieve a particularly appealing rock that he carried home. Well, the time that we fed the ducks, we also went down to the riverbank, and he was amazed at the endless supply of fabulous rocks. His joy turned to rapture when he learned that he was allowed to throw as many into the water as he could lay his hands on. I think he did it for an hour, pausing only long enough to say, "Watch this! Watch this!"

Friday, June 18, 2010

Katie's Growth Charts



We need some updated measurement stats for her, since she'll hit the 5 month mark this weekend, but this how Katie has grown in the first 3 months. She started off small, but she was headed pretty straight down the middle of the chart now -- perhaps a little taller and a little lighter than average. (Scott's chart is here)

I didn't see a place to put it, but we need to mention that she managed to flip over onto her tummy on May 25th. She was pretty determined to do it, set intermediate goals, and worked hard at it every chance she got. Once she finally accomplished this great feat, she repeated it a few times and then never did it again. Perhaps she has moved onto her next big goal. I'll try to put some stats together on her experiences in the Jolly Jumper.

Where is the graph that measures cuteness? Her stats there would be pretty incredible.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010


Katie is so cute. I love, love, love to kiss her on the cheek and watch her smile her huge smile. It's funny to see how she anticipates the smooch and unconsciously opens her mouth. If you get her right under her ear she sometimes giggles.

What could be better than the sound of a giggling baby?

This video is pretty much silent, but you can see how large Katie's smile is.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Squirting Fire

Among Scott's bath toys is a small water pistol left over from last year's summer vacation. This week he was telling me about its unfortunate demise.

"Dad, my squirt gun got broken, and we threw it in the garbage."

"That's too bad, Scott. Maybe we should get you a new one."

His eyes lit up. "I want a red one ...
... That squirts FIRE."

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Eye Colour

"Dad! You have BLUE eyes!"

"Yes, Scott, I do."

"Dad, my eyes are BLACK."

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

biopsy: negative?!

Can it be true?

R had her biopsy almost a month ago. I took her to the hospital and waited while they wheeled her off to the endoscopy room to be heavily sedated and have a probe go down her throat. She was most worried about the gag reflex. I was most worried about watching the I.V. inserted.

Once they wheeled her off, the whole thing probably took less than 20 minutes before she was back. She was pretty groggy, but not groggy enough to get much of the sleep the nurses recommended. For the next 24 hours she was legally impaired, and then the waiting started.

They said that the results would be available in 7-10 days. They didn't say that the nurse was going on vacation for another 7-10 days after that, and no one else could disclose the results. The outgoing message on the answering machine was adamant that we should not call back or leave a second message. You know, "Don't call us, we'll call you."

Finally, this week the verdict came. Negative. No sign of Celiac Disease.


Eight months ago, when R was still pregnant, the Celiac blood test came back positive. That test is considered 95 percent accurate, so it's all a bit perplexing.

R says it's all because pregnancy does crazy things. She has a friend who says she was allergic to apples until her first pregnancy, when she suddenly wanted nothing else. Similar stories, but the other way round.

We will hear the opinion of the specialist soon, but we may find we can eat gluten again -- at least, until another pregnancy comes along to defy science once again.

How do you like them apples?