Saturday, May 22, 2010

Scary Clown

We had to go cochrane to get our car fixed over a month ago and we tried to hit mcdonald's for dinner, but the place was closed for construction work. We went back again last week to get a few loose ends fixed up and decided to try again. Not only was it open -- it was the grand opening that day.

In addition to discounts on our McChicken meals, we also got to see Ronald McDonald IN THE FLESH. Most people were pretty excited to greet the clown and take his picture. In fact, we could hardly get to our table because the paparrazzi were jamming up all the aisles and doorways. As thrilled as most people were, Scott was fairly put off by Ronald's appearance -- especially the red hair.

Rather than eat his food, he kept a watchful eye on the celebrity guest and said, "I don't like Donald." That was before the magic show (which Scott observed from the safety of the play enclosure -- see top left corner of picture) and before "Donald" handed out prizes to all the kids.

By the time we left, Scott was heard to say, "I like Donald now." I think seeing his big red truck in the parking lot also helped win Scott's approval.

As for me, I'm still wary. I think Donald is up to something.

Monday, May 03, 2010


Tricycle is from last year's birthday. Helmet is from this year's birthday. Last year the helmet wasn't necessary because he couldn't quite make the pedals work.

There is a handle on the back of this tricycle,but don't let Scott catch you touching it or you'll get a tongue-lashing... especially on a downhill slope.