Wednesday, June 27, 2012

First Fathers & Sons Camp

Last year we camped in the back yard a few times. This year I wanted to take Scotty out to a real campsite. I was thinking of reliving my youth by setting up a tent in the dark at Chain Lakes but when I mentioned camping to my brother in law one Sunday he offered to let me crash the Father & Sons camp his church congregation was hosting. This sounded great.

We camped on Willow Creek almost 2 hours south of Calgary, near the town of Stavely. It really like this part of the world -- the foothills of Alberta. It was only one week before the summer solstice, so the sun didn't set until quite late. We were one of the first tents to bed down for the night and it was 10:00 pm and still quite bright outside.

There were lots of boys Scott's age, including his cousin H, so he was in heaven the whole time, running around, eating handfuls of gummy bears, playing soccer, playing frisbee, playing tennis (sort of) and of course --- throwing rocks in the creek.

All the photos are from the Friday evening, since it rained a bit Saturday morning. Still, he had a great time and I can't wait for the next one. However, it makes me wonder about camping with my dad when we were kids: how did we always managed to set our tents up in the dark if the sun never seems to go down in this part of the world? We must have made some pretty late departures ... or maybe the sun worked differently back then. Juding by the number of rocks thrown in the river, it is clear that boys haven't changed since then.

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Grandma Walters said...

Nice of Luke to let you tag along, and it looked fun!