Monday, May 06, 2013

Grandma's Book Club

Grandma W has inducted the kids into her world-famous book club. They just received their first books from her in the mail. The book club works as follows:
1. Grandma sends you a book in the mail.
2. You read the book.
3. You write a summary of the book using as least as many sentences as your age.
4. You mail the summary back to Grandma.
5. She mails you another book, along with a FIVE DOLLAR BILL.
6. Repeat.

Scott got a book about Dick & Jane & Sally, but it is about them as grown-ups, and they talk about things like job-searching and networking. It was a bit startling for him to see this familiar characters metamorphosized. He received the book when he was still 5, but now he has turned 6. Grandma's letter says that he has to write 5 sentences, so he is going to go with 5. He thinks that is only fair, since Katie got an easier book and she can't write at all and she still gets the same reward as him. R figured that instead of writing a summary, Katie could do a video. So here it is.

In the end, Scott managed to write 5 sentences about the book. R coached him along. I thought it was funny that he sent a letter to my mom describing something as "boring", since that word was taboo in our house when we were kids. I guess mom got sick of hearing the five of us constantly complaining that things were boring so she passed a law against it and we had to go our of our way to find other ways of saying it ("I find this minimally exciting" or "the other children have elected me chairman of the board"). Anyways, he wrote out the letter, so I imagine a payday is coming soon.

Katie also got out her pencil and experimented with writing. She did her trademark meticulous doodling, but this time she took her doodles left to right from margin to margin. She was suddenly shocked when she recognized something she had draw as an "H", so she quickly made a bunch more of them. Then Scott showed her how to make few more letters. She was very excited at her progress, since she has fake-handwritten for quite a while as her doodling has evolved, but she had never identified actual letters in the mix.

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Grandma Wride said...

I am so excited to have Scotty and Katie in my book club. I love getting the book reports in the mail and I save them all in my special "Grandma's Book Club" book. Scott, I can hardly wait for yours to arrive. Katie, I think your video book report is awesome and I love that you have discovered how to write a few letters as well. Way to go, Scotty and Katie!!!
(I still think the "non-boring" rule was a good one! You all had to be rather creative to get around it.)