Saturday, November 16, 2013

Indoor Soccer

After 3 years of freezing to death in outdoor community soccer games (half of which were rained out), we have made the jump to indoor club soccer. Scott and Hayden continue to play together on the same team, which is very fun to watch. They practice once a week in a gym in Bearspaw and then they play a game every Saturday at the big soccer dome. It is SOOO much better to sit inside to watch these games. Having boards really helps speed up the game too.

In their recent community season, Scott and Hayden emerged as the strongest players on their U-6 team. Now they are playing U-8 and they have teammates who have clearly played a lot of soccer -- and this isn't even the elite team. There is no official score being kept, but these kids are old enough to count pretty reliably, and they know who is winning. Scott's team wins nearly half their games, but they got thoroughly stomped in their very first outing. Knowing how much he hates losing a game of UNO, I thought he would be crushed and maybe questioning his commitment to this game. Instead, he said to me, "Dad, I can't wait for 7 more days... so I can play soccer again."

Scott's favourite part of the game is playing defense. He prides himself on making sure nobody gets past him. I am so proud.

Feel free to play some offense, though. I won't mind.

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