Sunday, January 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Katie!

Our baby girl is turning four!

For weeks we have been talking about Katie's upcoming birthday. I think it is challenging for her to grasp what it really means. She knows she has to wait, but she struggles a bit to tell the difference between waiting until tomorrow or waiting for 3 weeks. Plus, I'm pretty sure she doesn't remember her previous birthday very well, so she wasn't sure quite to expect on the big day.

I just LOVED to watch her as we sang to her. She is so special to us and I hoped she could feel some of that as we all celebrated her big day. She was a little angel baby and she is still such a sweetheart. Good-natured. Friendly. Shy. Happy. Cuddly. Silly. We just love Katie.

Katie is #2 for a lot of stuff. Scott's pretty quick on the trigger to make sure he is first in line for most things, so Katie is accustomed to being somewhere further back in the order. No matter how many times we told her, she seemed surprised that she was going to be the first one to get a piece of cake, first to hit the pinata, the one to open the presents, etc.

Cousins Eating Cake

Scary Fairy

So, the fairy pinata didn't look very glamourous. It was fittingly dubbed the "Scary Fairy". I would blame my team of assistants, but this was mostly a solo effort:

S: Dad! You didn't let me help finish the pinata!
D: Sorry. But I couldn't let you see what I put inside. It's a secret.
S: It's always t-shirts in there.
D: Not this time.
S: Well, then you just gave it away!
D: What?
S: Now we know it is something but not t-shirts

Luke Assumes His Traditional Role

Adalia On the Attack

Let this be a warning to other Scary Fairies



Jamie Wride said...

So if it wasn't T-shirts, what was it? The suspense is killing me. :)

D said...

We put in little rings that flash lots of coloured lights when you turn them on. There were also little whirlygig spinny things that fly like a helicopter, princess stickers and princess tattoos. No candy. No t-shirts. Everyone was pretty surprised.