Monday, May 12, 2014

Adventures in FHE

Mom was away at a school meeting so we took FHE on the road.
The kids pointed their bikes in the direction of a park and off we went, taking a short detour through the temple parking lot for a photo-op.

Our route also took us past Grandma's front door. Scott was running point on our convoy and he decided we should stop off at Grandma's trampoline. We ended up spending the whole evening in the back yard with Grandma & Grandpa, bouncing on the tramp, helping set up their patio swing, and enjoying delicious popsicles.

On the way there, Katie had stopped to get a copy of the free Metro newspaper from the green box near the bus stop. She had me carry it for her, since her hands were full operating the tricycle. I accidentally forgot the newspaper at Grandma's house, so she decided she needed to get another one. However, the green box was empty on the return trip. Even though we were totally running late, she took off on foot down the pathway to another bus stop. I thought she looked so adorable, trotting away on her little legs, her pink bike helmet bobbing along. She said, "I got this newspaper for mama." This was also adorable.

I think Katie felt very grown-up, out on her own little bike, picking up the newspaper.

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