Sunday, August 24, 2014


[June 5 2014]

Occasionally we get hooked up with free tickets to events. There is a group in town that provides free tickets to families so that their kids can attend concerts and sporting events and things like that. A lot of the stuff starts pretty late in the evening, so we don't always throw our hat in the ring. However, when free tickets came up for Cavalia, we jumped all over that.

I wasn't able to go that night, but auntie Karla was available to take my place. Grandma & Grandpa came as well (although they had different seats) and everyone said it was a fabulous show. It was certainly a few notches above the circus that we attended the month before (which was also free through the same program).

I asked Katie what she remembered about the horse show and she described it as "the show that started off all green and had the lady that sang." R's most vivid memory of the event was when she left her wallet there and had to go back and enlist the help of one of the roadies to get back in and find it. She also noted that they ate way too much popcorn and candy and Scott puked in the night.

I remember once when I was a kid we popped a huge bowl of popcorn and melted real butter over it and salted it and we kids ate the whole thing. I ended up puking that night, so my mom put me on the floor of the upstairs bathroom in one of those green sleeping bags (with the paisley inside lining) in case it happened again. And it did happen again. I think we might have watched a movie that night, but I don't remember that part -- just the popcorn, the sleeping bag and the bathroom. It will be interesting to see what Scott remembers from that night 30 years from now.

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