Saturday, July 05, 2014

Grotto Creek Trail Vol 2

After the Bowness Parade we headed off to the mountains with cousins to hike the Grotto Creek Trail near Exshaw. We have done this hike one other time before, back in 2009. At that point, Scott was 2-1/2 and R was 5 months pregnant with Katie. I remember the uneven creek bed was a bit challenging for Scott at that age, but our kids were both much older than that this time around, so I thought they would do well.

At first Katie wanted me to hold her hand pretty much all the time, because she worried about falling down. Meanwhile, Scott was collecting massive quantities of rocks and we hadn't even gone anywhere yet. We ended up convincing him to put the rocks down and possibly pick some up later, so he wouldn't have to carry them the whole way.

Katie grew braver and more confident as we went along, and eventually she only needed a hand on the really steep or slippery bits. For the final segment of the return trip, she just walked with her cousin Lacey. It was a beautiful day in a wonderful spot.

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