Thursday, October 30, 2014

Story Time

Last night after dinner the kids asked me to tell a story. At first I told them a short story about how I almost forgot to take the garbage bins out to the curb, but then I remembered and I did it. They complained that the story was boring, so I said that I would add in some more fun details, but some of them might not be true. As it turns out, taking out the garbage bins was quite a rambling adventure, where I ended up eating lunch on the moon with a dragon. They enjoyed this version so well, that they asked me for another story, and another. I asked them to tell me something that I should put in the story to help get me started. Some stories were better than others and elements from one story were borrowed for the next, but we liked two so well that they were still talking about them today. We decided to write them down. In fact, Katie hounded me all through dinner to make sure I wrote them down the second I finished eating:

Scott suggested the story have a duck in it.

There was a pirate who had two friends. One of them lived on the other side of the mountains. The pirate wanted to go visit his friend, so he got on his duck and he turned on the key and he blasted off towards the mountains, up, up, up. But the ducky was so powerful and flew so fast that he went way higher than the mountains, up, up, up until he crashed into the moon, where his other friend lived -- the dragon that was every colour... except for eleven... and a half.

The pirate told his every-colour-dragon-friend (except eleven and a half) that he was trying to visit his friend on the other side of the mountains but now he was far away in space and his ducky was crashed and he didn't know how he could ever get there and he was getting very late. The dragon said to follow him, and he showed the pirate a door into a tunnel that went down, down, down all the way to the other side of the mountains to where his friend had been waiting for a whole hour. When the pirate explained all the things that happened, his friend said, "How could a tunnel go from the moon to the earth? Wouldn't it have to go through empty space and stuff?"

Then the duck said, "I WANT MY CUCKOO-POTATO!"


Katie said the next story should have syrup in it (we were eating french toast)

There was a big lake of syrup that was pooled up in the mountains and held back from flowing down the hill because of a big wall. But the wall started to break because it was made out of cereal and the cereal had started to get soggy and then the syrup broke through the wall and it all flowed down making everything super sticky. The people were so surprised that they went "Ah!!!" and grabbed their hair with their hands and then their hands stuck like that and they had to run away from the syrup with their hands stuck to their heads.

So then the fire department got so many planes and helicopters and they dropped all the pancakes in the whole world on the syrup and blocked it and made it so yummy that everyone wanted to eat it, but their hands were still stuck to their hair so they couldn't grab any of the pancakes until they had a long bathtime.


I wish you could hear the way the kids laughed and laughed at these stories, especially the way Katie laughed at the end of the duck story.

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Allyson said...

These are fabulous! I am foreseeing a wildly successful children's book series!