Monday, July 27, 2015

Fasting for Eric

My cousin Eric was in a bad cycling crash during a race back in June ( So glad that he has all his bones and his organs put back together again. Just the road rash alone would be more than I could handle.

Scott just turned 8 and was starting to do his first real fasting on Sundays. At the beginning of July we asked him who he wanted to fast for. He said, "I think we should fast for Eric." We thought that was so sweet. Then we heard that he had spread the word in his Sunday school class and some of his other buddies had decided to "fast for Eric" too. There was a posse of primary kids in Calgary fasting and praying for Eric's recovery, and they will all be excited to hear that you are back on your feet again.


lynne said...

What a great story and such a "worthy" reason to fast. So glad that Eric is finally doing so much better. I am certain that Scott and the Primary kids in Calgary had a part in helping Eric. There were lots of prayers from all over heading Eric's way !

Eric said...

Tell Scott and his posse THANK YOU from Eric himself. The prayers have been felt!