Thursday, August 27, 2015

Katie Tells Us About Bunnies

June 28 2015

D: I heard that you said something about a bunny in primary today. What did they ask you?
R: They asked her if she had a pet. She said no.
K: Then they asked me what pet I would like and I said I would like a bunny.
R: Then they asked what you would name your bunny, and you didn't know.
K: Yeah.
D: It would be hard to pick a name for a bunny if you still never saw it before. Like, what if it was a black bunny, or a yellow one, or brown?
K: Or a GOLD bunny!
D: Right, a gold one.
K: Johnny has a white bunny. And it's pretty big.
D: Oh yeah? What is that bunny's name?
K: I don't know, but his favourite colour is green.
D: The bunny's favourite colour, or Johnny's favouite colour?
K: The bunny's
D: Did the bunny tell you that?
K: No. Johnny did. Bunnies can't talk at all.

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