Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Katie Calling

Katie has learned how to use the cordless phone. She only knows two numbers. One of them is mine. She calls me all the time to chat. The first time, R was helping her make the call, and they got my voicemail. I could hear R coaching her in the background on what to say, and then Katie would repeat it. At the end, R told Katie to hang up, and Katie repeated that too. "Hang up," she told me on the message. So adorable.

Another time, a few days later, she called me at work and told me about her day. She had a play date with a friend. She went to school. They did roller-blading in the gym. She told me she was the 2nd-fastest one in her class at roller-blading. She also explained the names of the techniques to stand up and start off safely. There was something about how to hold your hands, and something about a duck stance. Very informative. She pauses to try to figure out how to describe complicated things to me, without being able to use her hands to help point them out.

At first, she would call me several times a day, even if I was sitting across the room. She would let out huge peals of laughter when I answered and pretended to be surprised that it was Katie. That girl loves to laugh.

I wish there was a way that I could bottle up the way it makes me feel to listen to her chatter away on the phone to me. I wish I could bottle it all up. All the words. All the laughs. She is so full of joy.

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