Friday, February 24, 2012

Car Battles

Scott's obsession with Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 has reached a new high.

We canceled our TV service when we moved into the new house and now we rely entirely on the internet to watch our shows. As it turns out, every episode of Battle Force 5 is available for free online, so he was able to go back and watch them all in order (on TV it seemed like they only showed half of them, so we never got the whole season).

He has been so excited about it that he pulled out all of his toy cars (and he has a lot of them) and started lining them up on the kitchen floor for large-scale "battles".That wide-open hardwood floor is perfect for zooming cars around -- except that I often have to fish cars out from under the stove for him.

Usually, there are about 30 "good guy" cars and about 5 "bad guy" cars, and each side takes turns sending a car out to crash into the other side's line. Any cars that get flipped over are eliminated. In longer battles, each car starts with 5 lives, and Scott keeps a mental account of the lives for each car, finally removing a car when it reaches zero (unless it's one of his favourites, which never quite reach zero).

In keeping with the Battle Force 5 theme, he often "fuses" different cars together, putting one on top of the other to make it more powerful for battle. I believe he has also fused cars with such things as a rubber spider or a plastic dinosaur -- awesome combinations.

I got to be the bad-guy team on a sunny Saturday morning. My team of 4 misfit vehicles included a little toy dustbuster. It looked silly, but it was pretty deadly. In the face of overwhelming numbers, I still lost.


Grandma Walters said...

Dad, you are just no with IT yet!

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