Saturday, February 18, 2012

Leaving It Behind

[From Feb 5, 2012]

When the day finally came for us to say good-bye to our old house, I wanted to be sure I had a picture of Katie in the bathtub where she was born. The fact that she was literally born IN this house means it will probably have a little more significance for her down the road, and she would perhaps like a photo of the spot. Maybe she won't. In that case, this photo is for my benefit.

Before we left the keys on the counter and locked the doors behind us, we went through and said good-bye to each of the rooms. We thought seeing the place completely empty would help the kids (especially Katie) to understand and accept the big change. They mostly just wanted to run around in the big empty space and wrestle each other, so our plan either worked perfectly or they didn't much care -- it's hard to tell which.

There are a lot of memories and emotions tied to a place. While I am very excited to be moving on to a newer, nicer house, I can't help but feel like I'm closing a chapter by leaving the house where my kids were babies. For R the feeling is a little different. A few of the years in this house were especially tough for her, and I think she is really happy to turn the a new page with this move. The fact that the new house is pretty awesome makes it a lot easier for everyone, I think. Scott is pretty excited to have a basketball hoop on our driveway.

Good-bye house.

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