Monday, April 07, 2014


Katie doesn't have a middle name. She is a bit jealous of Scott, since he has three names and she only has two.

For generations, that's the way it's been in both my family and R's family, where the maiden name usually becomes the middle name after marriage. We didn't come up with the idea.

Since she was born, we have often called her "Katie-Baby". There was even a song that we used to sing. But now she is not a baby anymore, and she isn't sure that she likes being type-cast in the role of baby.

On our recent ski trip to Montana, we were on the ski lift with her cousins and she said that she didn't like to be called Katie-Baby. We came up with an alternate nickname for her -- Katie Cutie. From there, we had to have a nickname for everyone on the lift:
Katie Cutie
Bailey Beauty
Daddy Tootie

A few days after we got back from the trip she suddenly decided to make a change. She announced, "My middle name is Snow White."

She's never even seen the movie Snow White before, but we got a really nice Snow White dress last year in a 2nd-hand purchase. She ended up choosing it for her Halloween costume. This week she wore it several days in a row, along with a matching Snow White crown, shoes and sceptre. While washing her hands in the bathroom one evening she explained to me that she looks a lot like Snow White, except that Snow White has black hair and Katie has blond hair. But when she wore a black toque for Halloween and a red ribbon on it, then she matched Snow White.

Later in the week, Katie didn't want to go to her music class. She said she just wanted to stay in her dress. During negotiations she asked if she could go to class in her dress. R said yes, but warned her that it would attract a lot of attention if she did, so she should be ready for that. She went to the class and was a bit flushed when people in the front entrance were already commenting on her dress. She handled the notoriety better than we would have expected.

Her music teacher accidentally called her Cinderella, but the rest of the little girls straightened her out immediately.

Katie wore her dress one more place on the way home and was somewhat disappointed when nobody made any comments. When they got back to the car she told R, "Nobody even said anything about my dress!"

Well, now she has four names and Scott only has three. Although, do you hyphenate Snow-White when you use it as a middle name? If so, does it count as one or two names? I'm not sure.

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