Thursday, April 10, 2014

Last Ski Day of the Season

Since it is snowing here currently, I thought I would post some pictures of us skiing. It seemed appropriate.

The final week that C.O.P. was open, we went up with Grandpa to get a few last runs in. Things were a lot different than the previous time we had been up with Grandpa. Obviously there was the brown, slushy condition of the snow and there was the complete absence of any other skiers on the hill. More significantly, the first time we skied together, we were restricted to the magic carpets in the beginner area. This time, we rode the blue chair up to the top together. The kids have come a long way.

Scott was pretty tentative at the beginning, probably because his final wipe-out at Whitefish was fresh in his memory. He was pretty grumpy on the chair heading up. However, we joined up with some church friends after a while (including a girl a year younger than him), and he was back to his old tricks, showing off his speed and agility.

We initiated Grandpa in our tradition of eating fries on the patio, which seems to be the key to get Katie going on the hill. She always does her best skiing after we have a fry snack. Katie is a great skier, but she is much less aggressive than Scott. He can't stand being held back from the chairlifts and jumps, while she is more than content to just do laps in the beginner area.

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