Monday, September 08, 2014

Family Fun Run

Last year, the young women in our ward raised money for girls camp by organizing a fun run. I registered our whole family to participate, but it poured rain on the day, so I was the only one from our family who went.

This summer the kids surprised us with how much they enjoyed the triathlon, so I thought we'd give the fun run another try. I signed myself up for the 10 km run and signed up R and the kids for the 2 km kids race, thinking they would mostly walk, rather than run.

I had a good race and got a new personal best for 10 km (42 in 30 sec). I sprinted hard to the finish, and I think that is why I felt so sore later. R tried to get a picture of it but apparently I raced right out of the frame.

Karla ran the 5 km race and came first in the 18+ women category. Then we all lined up at the start line for the 2 km race. I planned to run with Scott and Katie had R and Karla backing her up. When the horn sounded, 58 people pounded down the pathway. Scott and Katie were carried along with the crowd at a pace that was more than I thought they could handle. Scott got out ahead of me and I had to strain my tightening muscles to catch him again.

After about 500 metres Scott complained of a cramp starting up. We slowed our pace but didn't stop running. We settled into a good pace that he could sustain and found ourselves slowly moving up through the pack as people fizzled a bit and had to walk. When we rounded the curve for the final stretch he broke into a sprint. I cheered him on from behind as he pulled away from me to cross in just under 12 minutes and collect an Oreo cookie medal. I found that I was sweatier than Scott was. His fauxhawk was hardly mussed. Scott was #5 in the race, bested only by kids several years older than him.

R was shocked with Katie's performance. She kept asking Katie if she was getting tired or needed to walk and she just ran faster each time. At the 1 km turnaround point Katie didn't even want a drink -- she just wanted to run. She finished in 14 min 30 sec, which was #9 overall for kids under 12 (out of nearly 40). R was expecting to walk most of the distance found herself running the whole time, not to be outpaced by her 4-year-old.

The next day Scott found his legs were hurting--
S: "Ow. I touched my leg just lightly like this and it hurt so bad."
D: "That's because you made your muscles work so hard that they got stretched and now they will be sore as they get even stronger."
S: "It would get even more sore in the 5k race. Why didn't you sign me up for the 5k?"
D: "I didn't know you could do it."
S: "I could sprint the whole way."
D: "No you couldn't."
S: [Grin]

He took an aspirin to help dull the ache so he could get to sleep. You would think that all this pain would dissuade him from future efforts. On the contrary, all he could talk about when he was going to bed was how he wants to run 5 km. I think it's because his friend Noah ran in the 5 km race and got a chocolate bar just for completing it. I promised him a chocolate bar if he would go run 5 km with me. With that, he went to sleep.

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