Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Kids Day at the Stampede

[July 9 2014]

When you go to the Stampede grounds on Kids Day, you are guaranteed three things: 1) Free admission until 9:00am; 2) A free pancake breakfast until 10:00am; and 3) Lots of kids until at least 5:00pm.

We met up with the cousins at the grounds early for the breakfast. We have been doing this for years and I can't say that I've EVER seen such a long line up for the breakfast. Still, it is part of the experience and we couldn't skip it. The Arizona cousins had to witness for themselves the cool pancake-batter dispensers that they have devised to keep those flapjacks flapping at a steady pace. Another interesting sight is when the guys get out the industrial drills and the big construction buckets to mix up several gallons of pancake batter in a jiffy.

I don't know if the kids ever eat much of the breakfast, and R can't really eat any of it, so I usually get a double or triple dose of sausages and pancakes. The kids usually hang onto their juice boxes, but this year they had actually run out of juice by the time we got through the line. Fortunately, there were some storm troopers that we could take pictures with that made it all seem worth it. I noticed that the storm troopers were wearing white cowboy boots, which seemed appropriate.

We did all the standard Kids Day things, including SuperDogs and the Aggie Tent, plus we saw this awesome acrobatics routine from China. In the Aggie Tent, we weighed the children on a cattle scale (Katie is 34 lbs) and experienced what it would be like for a cow being immobilized for injections.

Scott became great friends with his second cousin Dallas, and they went everywhere together.

As usual, one of the favourite things was to see the buskers perform on the steps of the Saddledome. This year it was a percussion group that played on various household items like pots, pans, garbage cans and the kitchen sink.

Scott loves to play big brother to his little cousin Elijah.

Yes, Terry Stokes is STILL playing the Coca-Cola stage at the Stampede. There are no variations to this hypnosis routine, but it is still an audience favourite, despite references to the Roadrunner and the Wizard of Oz that feel very, very dated. At least he threw in a reference to Justin Bieber to help connect with a younger demographic.

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