Saturday, January 17, 2015

Biddy Ball: Week 1

We have been on a countdown for most of January.

As expected, Katie has been trying to countdown the days until her birthday. For most of the year, we have told her that her birthday doesn't come until AFTER Christmas. Well, the day after Christmas she started asking, "Is it my birthday now?" She had trouble understanding how long 3 or 4 weeks would take, but eventually we got the point that she could count the sleeps on just one hand.

The bigger surprise has been the countdown to Biddy Ball. As he went to bed each night for the final week before Biddy Ball started, Scott would give me an update on how many days were left. Who knew that an hour of basketball practice could be as exciting as a birthday or Christmas? He laid out his bball shorts and his track pants and his new favourite Lego Batman shirt and he was ready to go at the crack of dawn.

I had to wake Katie up to get her dressed in her glittery purple running shoes to match her glitter-font sweats and a cute "Love Bugs #44" t-shirt. This was Katie's first year, so we prepped her with dribbling practice in the kitchen during Countdown Week. This practice proved very beneficial on the big day, because she was one of the better dribblers in the 5-and-Under age group. She had a great time, until she was looking the wrong way and got bonked in the head with a rebound. Still, I think she had a great time.

The only let-down was that the organizers opted this year to put the juice and snack budget towards the purchase of two more basketball hoops that could crank all the way down to Katie's height. This was a great choice, but led to some immediate disappointment. However, I promised our kids that they could have a juice-box and a granola bar from our house every week if they would like. Scott paused for a moment to think about it, but in the end he was satisfied.

Start the count-down for Week 2!

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