Thursday, March 26, 2015

Katie is FIVE

[Jan 20 2015]

Katie turned FIVE today! Happy Birthday Katie!
She has a birthday party planned for the weekend, but we wanted to open presents with her on her actual birthday. We decided to open presents in the morning, so that she could enjoy them all day, rather than opening them just a few minutes before bed. Scott was very excited to give her the mermaid bath toy that he had bought for her. The photo of them hugging sort of melts my heart.

Katie loves animals and stuffies, so we got her a Furby toy, which is a quirky little stuffy that babbles to you in Furby-speak and needs you to play with it and take care of it. It also has an extension on the tablet that lets you give it baths and feed it and stuff. She was pretty wrapped up with the toy all day.

Katie is such a little sweatheart. She treats people with kindness and she loves to laugh. And even though she is growing bigger, she will always be our baby. We love you Katie! Happy birthday!

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