Friday, March 27, 2015

The Pet Party

[Jan 24 2015]

Katie had 5 little friends over to our house for a party the Friday following her birthday. As her theme, she chose a "pet party". Everyone was to bring a stuffed animal "pet" (loaners were provided for those who forgot to bring pet stuffies.

We had a few activities for them to try. We took a picture with them and their pet that we printed and put in a popsicle frame, which they decorated. They could also sew a felt pillow for their pet, using Katie's new sewing machine (that was a bit hit). They also got a little collar for their pet, with a little nametag on it (which happened to be made from narrow slice of a branch from our tree that we cut down last fall). Katie's little pet is named "Bay-boo", which originally was the name that I used for the imaginary person who I would pretend to scold for silly things. At some point, Scott suggested the name for Katie's little kitty.

I don't know if you can tell, but the cupcakes are arranged in the shape of a animal paw print. True to form, the kids mostly just licked the frosting off the top of the cupcakes. The frosting was this interesting stuff that comes in a non-descript white, but then you can add a packet of colouring/flavouring to make it into whatever you want. We picked the purple packet and the berry-ish flavour was a bit off the mark, so the kids didn't quite finish licking it all off before they ditched their treats to go take a turn on the zipline.

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