Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Canada Day: "I Can't Be In Canmore"

[July 1, 2015]

We went to the Canada Day parade in Canmore this year with most of the Calgary family. The sidewalks were packed by the time we got there, but I found us a empty spot with curb access by crossing over to the other side of the street. We spread a blanket out in front of the curb for the kids and settled in for a great community parade against a beautiful rocky-mountain backdrop.

We soon figured out that the spot was still available because there was no shade on that side of the street and it was scorching hot. Fortunately, the firetruck went by and they sprayed everyone, and several floats were throwing freezies instead of candy. The parade lasted about an hour and as we were walking back across the street I looked at Scott asked R why his lips seemed so white. She said it must be from a candy he ate. Then Scott started to panic and tell me, "I can't see anything!" I could see he was about to black out so I grabbed him helped him sit down in the shade of the boardwalk. He was delirious: "I can't be here anymore! I can't be in Canmore anymore. I need to leave here." We got him a cold drink and gave him a chance to recover before loading him into Elijah's baby stroller and wheeling him back to the car.

The group then hiked up the creek to Quarry Lake for our picnic lunch. We took a detour to see a waterfall and Alli slipped on a rock on the other side of rapids and hurt her foot, so I put her on my back and climbed back across. Quite an eventful morning.

There were no medical emergencies to report at Quarry Lake. There was one incident of majestic mountain grandeur, but there were no injuries.

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