Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Here is the string of text messages between R and me this afternoon:

R: About to go into the autobody shop. You didn't mention anything about our spare tire cover to these guys, did you? (I punched a hole in the spare tire cover 2 summers ago when the boat trailer jumped off the hitch while I was driving.)

D: No.

R: Ok.
Finished. They will be in touch. I just asked out of curiousity how much the tire cover would cost. The guys said about $900 for a new one. Scott is home at the moment. We think he ate too much pizza and crazy bread last night. Felt sick right after and tummy still bothers him. Hope that's all it is.

D: Every day something unexpected.

R: Yup. Katie woke up at 4am having a nightmare. I guess she fell off a cliff in her dreams. Feeling a bit tired. Could be worse though.

D: I had a dream that investment bankers had kidnapped Katie.

R: Whoa. Not like you to have bad dreams. That would be so sad. So investment bankers are bad guys in your mind?

D: I saved her in the end.

R: Of course you did. Scott wants to know how.

D: The bankers were a mix between the guys I know in Calgary and my old roommates. Kind of like a cruel prank more than anything. But I don't remember exactly how.

R: Let's all hope for better dreams tonight.

D: Mine was a few days ago. During the fire alarm. All good since then.

R: That makes more sense. Hey have you contacted Travis yet? Don't want you to miss him.

D: Just did now. Thanks.

R: Nice. Cross one more thing off. It's soooooo cold here. I think we finally get some relief tomorrow.

D: Pirates of Penzance just finished playing here and I missed it!

R: So sad. That would be a good one. Is your Raptors game tonight? Will you be busy at bedtime: I guess I should stop bugging you and let you work.

D: Ball is tonight. Should be home on time. Travis is coming next week.

R: Nice.

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