Sunday, December 04, 2011

Hunting Christmas Trees

Katie was feeling a bit ill (and so was R), so the girls stayed home while the boys went out hunting Christmas trees. Scott had also been a bit ill this weekend, so he was emotionally volatile -- he was despondent when he realized he left his transformer at home and then ecstatic when he was entrusted with carrying the bow saw. Then there was the time that a pair of large dogs came frolicking through (he is positive that all dogs are out to get him). Overall, it was a beautiful, sunny day and perfect for hunting trees and a bit of sledding.

Scott was a real trooper and walked the whole way, carrying the saw over his shoulder while we stalked our prey. He enthusiastically got down on his knees and helped me run the saw when we cut down our 7-footer lodgepole pine. The last time we did this, we got an 11-footer and I had to cut the best part of the tree off to get it to fit in our living room. This time was perfect (except that Scott would have preferred to cut down several more trees).


Grandma Wride said...

Great going, guys! Nothing better than a freshly cut tree. Long lasting memories.

Grandma Walters said...

Beautiful tree, Scott! And what a wonderful Father/son outing!