Friday, December 16, 2011

Olympic Plaza Christmas Lights

R needed to get out shopping so I took the kids out to Olympic Plaza to see the Christmas lights. They absolutely love looking at Christmas lights from the car, so I figured they would be thrilled to see all the lights downtown. I was partially right. They were thrilled, but they were also cold. So we hopped on the train and rode down the Free Fare Zone for a few stops and came back. When we got off to go back home I pointed out some transit officers who were handcuffing someone. As we walked away I said, "Did you see those police? They caught a bad guy."

Scott's eyes went wide and he looked all around. He said, "Was there only one?" It was clear he was worried that there were more bad guys around, and that they could spring on us from anywhere. I assured him that there was only one bad guy and that they caught the bad guy and put "locks" on the bad guy's hands. That relieved his immediate concern, but then he began rattling off interesting scenarios that could also be dangerous.

Meanwhile, Katie was mostly interested in the lights. Whenever she see them she says, "Oooh! Nights!"

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