Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Family Photo of 2012

[From Jan 1, 2012]

The first day of 2012 couldn't be any better, as we attended the missionary farewell of one of R's Ottawa girls whose family recently transplanted to the Calgary area (she's heading Boise Idaho), and then lounged around at their house for a while eating fabulous food.

Our thanks to Grandma Christensen for the photo. Too bad I am sitting so close to the camera. Perhaps I will go back with photoshop and try to make myself a few sizes smaller.

Is it just my imagination, or am I slowly morphing into my father?


JwRiDe said...

a few, very cute picture. second, you are huge. third, hello markus

margo said...

she's coming to Boise? What is her name? McCall is in the Boise mission but they rarely ever send lady missionaries to McCall...but just in case. :)

Allyson said...

Good looking family. I can definitely see some Dad in you!

D said...

Margo, her last name is Christensen. Just ask the missionaries about "the opera singer sister" and you'll be able to pinpoint her location quickly.