Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Peace Bridge

I had to work late one night this week, so R and the kids met me downtown for dinner. The weather was surprisingly nice, so we ventured beyond the indoor playground at Eau Claire Market to explore the newly-constructed Peace Bridge across the Bow River near Prince's Island.

From a distance, the bridge looks like a Chinese finger trap. When you get closer, you immediately realize that nobody has fingers large enough to get trapped in there, so it's really not that big a deal.

Katie relished the opportunity to get out and run, wiggling her diapered bottom in the most adorable fashion. She stopped running a few times so that she could climb up and down some stairs, and she asked R to hold her for a quick break near the end, but the rest of the time she was working hard.

We stumbled upon a game of cricket that was underway, and Scott could hardly be dragged away from the action. He asked tons of questions about the way the game is played, and I was essentially useless to answer any of them. I admit, it was fascinating to watch them run towards the batter and throw that wild windmill pitch they do. It's amazing that they get the ball anywhere close to their target.

A beautiful evening out with the family... and injury-free.

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