Thursday, April 19, 2012

Soccer: Opening Day 2012

We had opening day for the 2012 soccer season. Living in a different community, we were part of a different soccer association, playing at a field just down the street from our house. This year soccer started one week earlier than last year, and it was colder and snowier than 2011, but they still didn't cancel. Scott had on his hoodie and his sweats under his jersey and shorts, so he wasn't cold, but those of us on the sidelines were wrapped up in blankets. We brought Katie's little trainer bike to occupy her on the sidelines, but she spent most of the time crying because she didn't want to wear her toque or mittens. Then she started crying because she was cold and wanted to go home. R and Katie spent the second half of the game in the warmth of the car.

Scott was a tenacious defender and chased down the ball whenever it came near his team's net and booted it away down the field. He didn't score, but he often started the charge that resulted in a goal. He also provided non-stop commentary to his coach about his activities. Once he kicked a really long one nearly the length of the field and his coach said, "Nice long kick, Scott." Instead of following the play, Scott turned around to face his coach and started explaining, "I can kick the ball over my dad's head." Several times I heard him discussing the game with members of the other team. The conversations distract him a bit, but mostly he is focused on the play and really enjoys the action.

When the game was over he was a bit sad, thinking that his team had lost. I told him that they don't actually keep score, but if they did his team still might have been the winner. He said that they had to cheer for the other team and the end, so he thought that maybe the other team had been the winner. He'll get used to the way things work.

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