Friday, September 14, 2012

Labour Day Quotes

Waiting for guests to arrive
D: Scott, let's do a fight!
S: Yeah. But try not to get my hair too much. I already ... uh ... decorated it.


R: Guess what? Last night uncle Brad asked Katie to marry him.
K: I get married? Yay!
S: I will have 8 aunts now. Dad, you got married in the temple, right?
K: I get married!

R: Katie, do you want to get married to a boy?
K: Yes. I hug a boy.
K: I get to hug a boy!
R: Are you going to hug the boys?
K: Yes!
R: Are you going to kiss the boys?
K: Yes!


Driving to the Stampeders Game, we see a truck pulling a horse trailer that reads, "The Stampeders Touchdown Horse."
D: There's the touchdown horse in there.
S: Does the other team have a horse?
D: No. Just our team has a horse, because Stampeders is more of a horse-thing.
S: Oh. What's the other team have, then?
D: The other team is called the Eskimos. Do you know what Eskimos are?
S: No.
D: It's people that live up where it's colder than here, and somtimes they live in igloos. Do you think they have an ice thing instead of a horse?
S: No. That wouldn't be very fast.
D: So what do you think they have for their team?
S: A pig.

(We had recently seen pig racing at the corn maze, so this kind of makes sense.)


K: I want Santa coming. I give a hug.


At Bedtime
D: Good night Scott. Have a good first day at school tomorrow.
S: Have a good day at work tomorrow, dad.

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