Friday, September 21, 2012

License to Read

Last September, R and Scott began afternoon "school" sessions during Katie's naptime. They worked on crafts, on writing the letters of the alphabet, and on reading. They used a 100-step reading program that was in a book that R borrowed from her sister, completing one lesson about every other session. They finished the 100th lesson the morning of Scott's first day at Kindergarten. He went off to school ready to tackle all sorts of words, phrases and sentences.

It's funny, even though he clearly was capable of reading some simple books right at the beginning, he refused to read our bedtime books. He did not consider himself a Qualified Reader until he had been properly certified. Since they finished the book, he has been devouring books that are classified as Level 1. For example, he read a 143-page Dick and Jane reader, and ploughed through a stack of new library books. However, if we see a level 2 book, he does not even attempt to read it. He figures he is not properly prepared, and sees no reason to give such an important responsibility to an amateur. It's like he has a learner's permit and feels he should not stray onto the freeway.

Therefore, it was my privilege to read "Super Hero Squad: The Trouble With Thor" and "Super Hero Squad: Team Spirit!" last night. Scott will eventually reach such elevated levels, I'm sure.

Funny Note: Scott keeps his place in his book with a "checkmark", which is in this case a flyer from a roofing company.


Lisa said...

I believe it was you who once said so profoundly: "When I see a word...I read it!"

Grandma Walters said...

He is now on to greater and greater things! Just hope he will learn to love books and reading like his Grandma Walters!