Wednesday, September 12, 2012

West Ed

I wish I had a better picture of the sleeping arrangements in the hotel. We had a suite, so Scott slept in the pull-out couch. There was an armchair with a footstool which we used for Katie's bed. I put a pillow on it to even out the contours and it was the cutest little toddler bed.

The agenda for the day was to eat breakfast and then I would drop R and the kids at West Edmonton Mall while I visited the temple. Not only was the hotel suite really nice, the breakfast room had one of those pancake machines that looks and sounds like a photocopier, dispensing pancakes out the side. Scott thought it was pretty awesome. I did too.

Although the mall ended up being insanely busy that day, R and the kids arrived a few minutes before it opened, so they had it all to themselves for the morning to see a marine show and lots of neat sea creatures. R was the only one brave enough to pet the stingray.

I met up with them in the crazed frenzy of the food court for a meal. Katie was so put off by the din that she struggled to eat her food -- she needed both her hands to cover her ears.

After lunch we let Katie crash for a few minutes while Scott went on rides at Galaxyland. We definitely would like to go back and do some more rides sometime. Hopefully, sometime when it's not so busy.

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Jamie Wride said...

That is an impressive mall! Looks like a fun trip.