Thursday, January 03, 2013

No More Diapers!

Katie no longer wears diapers. She always tells me that she is growing up and that she's a girl (or a toddler) and not a baby. Well, here is the proof -- she is officially potty trained.

She got to drink loads and loads of yummy juice and had to sit on the training potty every few minutes to try, and then suddenly it worked! She got a little treat (a marshmallow) and a sticker every time she used the potty. Pretty soon, she had amassed quite a sticker collection. Scott was also involved, getting a sticker of his own every time she was successful. He was her unofficial coach, helping her get some toilet paper and encouraging her along.

She wears "big girl underwear" all day (with Dora pictures on them!) and "princess night-time underwear" for sleeping (pull-ups). Aside from a few minor incidents (like when she was so wrapped up in playing a computer game that she didn't heed the call), she has been doing great. She even got to go play in the Kiddie Corral at the Co-op grocery store, which is reserved for kids who are potty trained.

Way to go Katie!

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