Saturday, January 26, 2013

Winter Practice at the Driving Range

Following on the success of our ski outing to Canmore, Scotty and I rented skis at the University and went over to the city-run Shaganappi Point Golf Course where you can x-country ski during the winter months. They have a simple circuit around the driving range where you can practice your skills without too many obstacles -- aside from a steep hill or two.

Scott really liked going down the hill, but he found it a bit challenging to climb up the backside of the hill, especially in this one spot where it gets quite steep. He worked on his herringbone step, but it was hard for him to maintain the position while he stepped with such short legs. In Canmore he let me help him up the hill when it got tough, but here he decided he was going to be completely independent. I marveled at his persistance when he fought against the slope for about 5 minutes straight -- climbing a step, sliding back, climbing a step, falling down, tears, repeat.

I tried to stay well clear of him and hold my tongue, looking off toward the fabulous view of downtown to help him feel more relaxed about it. Finally, after what felt like 10 minutes of struggle, I stepped in behind him and held up a hand to make sure he didn't slide backwards, also helping him to his feet when he fell. He resented my interference, but once we got past that one little spot he was off up the rest of the hill by himself, so I think he should count it a victory.

He took an emotional bruising and he was very frustrated at times, but he never gave the slightest sign of giving up. Scotty is a tenacious boy.

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