Thursday, January 31, 2013

Scott's First Suit

Scott always wears a jacket and a tie to church, but he's never had a proper suit. He has a pretty swanky black velvet blazer that looks fabulous, but now it is getting small and he has also been a bit jealous that a boy in his Sunday school class has a suit. He sees me and and the older boys wearing suits and he wants in on the action.

I found a pretty sweet solution. For Christmas I ordered him a blue blazer from Old Navy that is intended for a school uniform. Then I got him a pair of uniform blue trousers to match ... Well, they almost match. The whole set was about 25 bucks and he was over the moon about it.

He wore it for the first time the Sunday after we got home from our trip. If only he could figure out how to work with buttons. Once we get him dressed in this stuff, he can't get himself back out of it.

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