Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Conference: "Can We Watch It Again?"

When we announced to the kids that it was General Conference Weekend, a cheer went up that bordered on wild screaming. This is because Conference = Crafts in these parts.

For the most part the crafts were just right for the skill level and the kids did really well working on their own and even listening a bit -- when they weren't saying "I need help with this"). Using large, red-dot stickers to mark which people had spoken took a bit of an ominous look -- more like one of those most-wanted hitlists (probably inappropriate to say, but that's the way I see it).

Scott cracks me up. He sometimes repeats a word or phrase that he's just heard like it is the single most interesting and confusing thing he's ever heard in his life. Other times he says something like, "I already knew that. Why did he say that if we already know that?"

When the final session of conference faded to a blue screen, Scott looked at it for a few seconds then turned to us and said, "Can we watch it again?"

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