Sunday, April 14, 2013

Family Party

R's parents were going down to Rexburg the week of Scott & Lacey's birthdays, so we had a little family party before they left. It was very cute to see an impromptu gift exchange in the front entrance as each of the kids arrived -- they had all made little crafts or coloured pictures for each other.

Grandma M likes to to give presents that are large. She found the world's largest gift bags to go with her large presents. Scott had to climb into it to get something that was down in the bottom.

I took quite a number of pictures, but I think my favourite is this one of Scott reveling in his new HotWheels cars, because he was doing something he used to always do as a baby. He is waving his hands together in a silent clapping motion and making this hooting sound with some very puckered lips. So excited. So awesome.

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