Wednesday, September 11, 2013

First Day of Playschool

Katie won't be old enough for kindergarten for another 2 years, and R doesn't really want to send her off to a daily preschool. Instead, she has arranged with 3 other moms with 3-year-olds to hold a weekly "playschool" which will rotate among the 4 houses. It's all pretty low-key and composed mostly of just playing together, but they try make sure there is one structured activity each time.

The first session was at our house. Katie's big box of princess dresses was a big hit. However, there are three girls and one boy, so it was fortunate that Scott has a big box of superhero costumes. Little J played the part of ninja Spiderman for the duration.

We have been slowly outfitting our basement with any and all play equipment that we can think of. One of the recent additions is a new TV that is connected to an old digital camera. The kids loooove to just watch themselves on the TV.

We have also connected the tablet to the TV so the kids can run a kiddie karaoke app. In addition to the lyrics, the screen shows two children doing actions to the songs. Katie loves to mimic the dancers.

All in all, it was a great first day. Katie is so excited to be going to her playschool with all her friends. Nice work mom!

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