Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Labour Day

For the last three years Scott and I have gone to the Labour Day Classic football game to see the Stampeders play the Eskimos. We have had the benefit of free tickets each time (including the year that I won a free pair by dancing with pom poms). When Labour Day came around this year, we didn't have any free tickets. I thought about buying some, but instead, we figured out a free version to enjoy our favourite part of the game:

We parked near the stadium and walked to the south end to watch the CF-18s buzz the stadium right after the national athem. They circled over Glenmore Reservoir and then came roaring back for a second pass (which is the one I got on video). It was awesome.

Afterwards, we listened to the game on the radio as we drove to Peter's and got milkshakes with Oreo & butterscotch. Total cost was $9.50, and this time Katie got to take part in the action.

We spent much of the rest of the day sorting through the basement to make more space for some of the new play equipment we've acquired.

Here are some quotes:
S: What are you doing with those shirts?
R: Getting rid of them because they're too small for Dad.
D: Actually, they're too big. I got them when I was a little bit fatter.
S: So are you going to throw them away?
D: No, we'll take them to the Goodwill store.
S: Oh yeah. They have lots of fat shirts at Goodwill. All of them fat.

S: What do we do next?
D: We need to have family night.
S: Oh yeah. And we need to have a treat. And it needs to be sugary.
R: It needs to be sugary?
S: If it's not sugary, then it's not family night.

Family night was memorable. We did blessings for going back to school, which was very sweet. Afterwards, we played hide-and-seek. We added in a stuffed gorilla as someone who could hide, since we don't have that many people to play.

When it was time for bed Scott struggled to get to sleep. I went in and sat in his room, which often is enough to help him relax. When the lights were off and we were sitting in the darkness he said, "Dad, I can't wait for tomorrow... to go to my school, and to have recess, and the new playground."

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