Monday, September 30, 2013

Ballet Class

Katie was very excited for her first ballet class.

Scott started piano lessons a few weeks ago and Katie sat with R for the hour lesson. Last week they noticed a class of little ballet girls in a studio across the hall. Katie was absolutely enthralled and silently jealous. Since she was just going to be sitting idle in the same building anyway, R inquired about enrollment. It was a great deal and perfect timing, so we went for it. All that was left was to get a cute pink outfit and some shoes.

On the big day Katie had a bath in the morning and had her hair pulled back tight. She stood in front of the washer and then dryer to watch her new ballet outfit get washed and then dried. Grandma came with her to her class and said that Katie listened very carefully and did everything she was asked.


Lynne said...

Such a CUTE picture of a sweet girl!

Jamie Wride said...

So cute! Ava is going to be very jealous!