Tuesday, October 22, 2013


A full moon was out while driving home from Grandma's. We only live a few blocks away and we can drive down a few residential streets or we can cut through the LDS temple parking lot.

S: Dad, can we drive by the temple on the way home?
D: Sure.
S: I love to see the temple. It makes me happy. If Mom drove by the temple 1000 times she would probably cry.

The moon followed us all the way home. We opened up the blinds on Scott's bedroom window so that the kids could see it. Katie loved to see her shadow on the dark floor, framed in the shape of the window. The moon shone brightly from behind a thin veil of clouds that drifted across the sky. Scott thought it looked like a storm, and he is very scared of tornadoes. He told R earlier in the week that he had been scared of tornadoes one night but he had prayed and then he felt better.

D: Do you want me to leave your blinds open so you can see the moon?
S: No, I would be scared for the storms.
D: Should I just close it then?
S: Yes, but then I might be scared of the dark. But then I could just say a prayer like I did with Hayden at the soccer game when we couldn't find Luke.
D: You guys said a prayer together?
S: Yes. We looked for Luke and couldn't find him. That was for 3 minutes. Then Hayden said a prayer. That was for 2 minutes.
D: And then when did you find Luke? Was it right after the prayer?
S: It was 5 minutes later. So he looked for us for 10 minutes.

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