Saturday, October 05, 2013

Harvest Half 2013

I ran this race in 2012 as my first half-marathon. I got 1hr 46min. My next half was in Feb 2013 on a flatter course, where I hit 1hr 40min.

This year, I set out to beat 1hr 40min, which would be an accomplishment, given the hilly terrain. I tried to ease into a pace of 4min 30sec / km and found a pack of like-minded runners to travel with. Things still got tough in the last half of the race, but I found I had a much deeper reservoir this time around, and I was able to hang in there until the end, averaging 4min 28 sec / km for the race for a 1hr 33min finish time.

I am only slightly embarrassed about the finish-line photos. Maybe that's why I didn't spend the $29 to buy a copy.

It was much more fun to surprise to the up-side in this race, compared to the SOGO Bonk a few months earlier. #29 out of 816 runners isn't bad at all. I moved up 120 spots from last year. I was surprised to see that the winner of the race was a guy from my high school basketball team. He ran it in 1hr 20min. Wow.

I wonder if he pulled out the guns at the finish line? Probably. I wasn't there to see it, but he probably did.

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