Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Quotes About Life, Death & Luck

Katie: When girls die, their hair turns to rainbows.
Karla: What? Really?
Scott: That's not true.
Katie: That's what my mom told me.
R: I said that you have to DYE your hair to make it rainbow-coloured.

Playing catch with a football, Karla is catching more balls than Scott-
S: Karla, you are doing pretty well at catching the ball. (Surprised tone)
Karla: Well, I have had a bit more practice than you. So that probably helps.
S: No. It's probably just luck.

Katie: I am growing bigger.
Karla: You are going to grow more and more until you are really tall.
Katie: As tall as Dad?
Karla: No. Probably as tall as your mom.
Katie: Right. Because I am going to grow up to be a mom with kids. And Scotty will be a dad with kids.
Scott: No I'm not. I'm going to live here until I die.


CocoShirley said...

one of my favorite posts

margo said...

Love it!