Friday, December 20, 2013

First Dance Recital

Katie had her first-ever dance recital. She started taking weekly ballet lessons in the fall and this was their "Christmas Showcase." The preschool group dressed up in pajamas and mouse ears and did a dance with candy canes.

Katie was very excited to wear her "costume" and perform. Lately she has been really fussy about going into her class. She clings to R's leg like she is petrified, but once she finally gets into the class she really loves it. We also wondered if she would get nervous on stage, like she did at the Stampede sing-along. Well, she showed no reservations about performing in front of a full house. Once she had her ears on she took off like a shot to go sit with her class.

The video was tough, since we were in the back row to watch and Katie was in the back of the pack for the dance. It seemed there was always someone standing in front of her. I was standing on our chairs to get a better view, but that made it hard to move sideways for a better angle. She looked absolutely adorable out there and she had such a good time.

Katie's dance was the first of 17 performances, but they moved along at a nice pace and she stood on our laps and bobbed along to every song, copying some of the moves that she saw. The evening started cute and it just didn't stop. Way to go Katie!

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