Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Off-Season Pinata Training

Pinatas are awesome. That is well understood. The downside to pinatas at parties is that you have to take turns bashing it and there are no guarantees that you get to break it as much as you would like.

After his 6th birthday party, Scott told me that he would like to do another pinata sometime that we could just break at our house. I said that sounded fine. Then one Wednesday evening he said, "hey, let's make a pinata right now". I explained that our typical pinatas take a long time to make. I asked what his favourite part is about pinatas. Is it making them or breaking them. He said breaking them. So we came up with a 5-minute pinata out of printer paper and tape that he filled with paper throwing stars. He then loaded up his Nerf gun and pelted the pinata with foam darts. We figured that was a good idea, since his pinata would not hold up very long to a beating with a stick.

He pounded it with darts until a throwing star slid out the side, and then he started really tearing it up with that throwing star. When that pinata eventually croaked, he wanted to make another one, but stronger. We fished out an empty cereal box and he spent a day colouring paper to stick on the box as decoration. He said that the darts did nothing to the box and neither did the throwing stars. I think he is back to pounding it with sticks. We hang the pinatas from a broomstick laid across the tops of two stools.

The 7-year pinata doesn't stand a chance against this well-prepared assassin.

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