Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Parent - Student - Teacher Interviews

We had the 2nd interview night of the year with Scott's Grade One teacher. Scott also showed us some of the things he has been working on and we got to try out some hula hoop tricks in the gym. He thought it was the most amazing thing in the world when I threw a hoop half-way across the gym with enough spin to bring it back to me. Our hoop may have crashed into a few innocent bystanders along the way, but it was all in the name of learning.

Scott's teacher said that he is doing really well at reading and math. Apparently, he would be like to answer every single math question that is asked in class. I am not too surprised, since our dinner conversation often turns into discussion about math concepts. He just eats that stuff up, and now Katie has started in on the action, putting down her fork to employ all 10 fingers in her efforts. Scott's teacher challenged him to make his own little book of math problems that he could share with his friends. He began immediately after we got home, and added in a dot-to-dot picture of an airplane just for fun.

Reading is also coming along really well, and that is fun to see. Apparently, the level of each book in the school library is assessed on a scale from 'A' to 'L'. Scott was reading some 'I' books, but then there was a minor misunderstanding in the teachers' notes somewhere and the handwritten 'I' was mistaken for an 'L' and he was given a much more challenging L-Level book. He struggled with it a bit, but he managed, so now he is reading mostly L books from school. The books are waaaaay longer and have a bunch of new words for him, but he's got a great attitude about reading and is making great progress. It will take quite a while before he reads these books so quickly and easily that he needs to move on, but when that happens, they say he will need to go to the public library to get more advanced books. For some reason, I think this is bizarre, since he has 3 more years at this school. Maybe he will read all the 'L' books twice.

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