Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Biddy Ball

On Friday evenings, when I put Scotty to bed, I lay out his clothes for the next day: socks, black sweat pants, and gray basketball shirt. I set my alarm for 7:20 am, and when I come into his room I often find him in his bed with his basketball clothes on.

He knows that Saturday morning is Biddy Ball.

Biddy Ball is a basketball activity for kids aged 5-12 that runs for about an hour every Saturday morning at the church from January through March. Technically, Scott is only 4, but he will be 5 soon so we squeeze him in there. He loves it. They have the gym divided into three court areas with shorter hoops and they rotate through drills for passing, dribbling and shooting. They get to scrimmage a bit and then they finish off with some sort of tag game and some snacks.

Despite being only 4, Scott does really well in the drills, and I think he'll be ready for community basketball in the fall.

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