Friday, March 30, 2012


When he wakes up in the morning he goes downstairs in his superhero pajamas and plays silly kids games on the computer. I am concerned that he is becoming addicted to the computer. All he ever wants me to do is come watch him play or help him beat a difficult level. I would prefer not to do this. Instead, I drilled a hole through a tennis ball and hung it on a rope under our deck so that he can stand on the downstairs patio and hit it with a baseball bat. He can totally crank it, but he overestimates his abilities. He thinks he is way stronger and faster than me because I let him beat me at things sometimes. He has a pair of Buzz Lightyear sandal-shoe things that he thinks make him run faster than cars. Seriously. That's what he says. I think he has forgotten how badly he got destroyed by his older cousins in a foot race a year ago. Now that it is officially spring he wants to only wear short-sleeved shirts. He considers it his right. He has started wearing his Superman pajamas, which only contributes to his belief that he is faster than a speeding bullet.

When she wears a skirt she announces that she is a princess. Only R and I can recognize that she is saying the word "princess" but it is cute all the same. She likes to run around flapping her hands saying "I birdie" or do a little leapfrog move saying "roobit, roobit." She likes to say "owie, owie, owie" with a impish grin on her face, sometimes pretending to smack herself on the forehead. She is clearly imitating Scott. She also shamelessly copies his trademark dance move -- the one where he stands on a chair, holds onto the back and alternates poking his bum out to either side. She is seriously the cutest little girl ever, but she has her devious side. If anyone lies down on the floor she takes advantage of the opportunity to dog pile that person. I can handle it pretty well, but she sometimes steps on Scott's face and makes him cry. She has impeccable manners and will always say sorry, thank you and you're welcome. She also likes to say "'Scuse me I tooted" (which she learned from Scott). She is quick to say no or give her little disappointed "awww" sound, but she will often relent only 5 seconds later. She is very willing to take turns and share, but she will push away anyone who is crowding too close behind her at the top of the slide, so don't mess with her. She likes to make funny faces by pursing her lips and rolling her eyes up high and it cracks me up every time.

Two little bundles of personality.

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Grandma Walters said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date with your darling kids!! And it also gave us a birds eye view of your new home!!! Happy Easter though it it nearly over and you may not see this till next Easter...