Friday, March 09, 2012

The P90X Challenge Begins

Along with 4 other guys at work, I have started the P90X fitness training program. In order to increase our motivation to finish the program, we constructed a bit of a contest.


To complete the most Workouts during the 91-day period, starting Monday February 27, 2012, through and including Sunday May 27, 2012 (ie. perfect score = 91 Workouts). Missing workouts results in money being paid into the prize pool.

1st Place - 80% of Prize Pool
2nd Place - 20% of Prize Pool
Last Place - Buys lunch for all participants. Can only order himself a salad. Must wear muscle shirt and 'diet' badge.

Tie break procedure:
- ties for any place (ie. 1st, 2nd,... , and last) to be settled by a tie break contest: (push ups) + 3 x (pull-ups) = score

Substitute / Make-up Workouts: Two workouts can be done in a day to make up for missed workouts. Make-up workouts can only apply to the current week. There is a short list of "approved" exercise activities that can be used in place of Kenpo, Plyometrics & Yoga.


Bought a pull-up bar that fits in the doorway downstairs. Tried to see how many pull-ups I could still do. On the fourth one something exploded in the right side of my neck.

Tried out the Ab-Ripper X workout the week before the official start date. My hip flexors were so sore that I couldn't stand up straight for two days, and after that I still got a sick feeling in my gut when I tried to stand up.

It was cute to see Scott in the basement trying out my push-up stands. In the spirit of things, R got out one of her exercise videos one day and Scott followed along with some 3-pound weights. Katie used the push-up stands as dumbbells.

Week 1
Started on Monday Feb 27

Day 1 was chest and back. I got up at 5:30 am and worked out in the basement before going to work. I took the instructor's advice and had some water. I was in the office so that I could watch the videos on the computer monitor, but then the furnace came on and the air got too stuffy, so suddenly I found myself fighting to keep my water down. I managed to get to the bathroom before I lost the water. I have a history of throwing up during morning workouts, so don't worry about me.

The rest of the week I was sore everywhere... except my hip flexors. Some of it was good-sore, but not all of it. I tweaked my neck again when I did the Kenpo (punching & kicking) workout at the end of the week. I found I could keep from getting ill if I worked out in the main room in the basement where the air is cooler. I also stopped drinking water during the workouts.

Week 2

Feeling a lot better this week. Only real soreness was from Yoga X. My wrist kind of hurts, and I think it was mostly because of that Crane pose. Traded Kenpo out in favour of basketball and the neck is feeling fine.

Finally bought some more dumbbells. 10 lbs wasn't going to cut it in week 3.

I haven't been following the meal plan, but I read it over for some basic tips about the kinds of things to eat. I have cut out most of the junk and the late-night snacking.

Weighed in on Friday Mar 9
Weight was down 6 lbs since the start

So far, none of the participants have missed a workout. 11 more weeks to go.


Eric said...

I'm loving it!

I puked 2 mornings in the first week when I started it last year. BRUTAL!!

Lisa said...

This is INTENSE! I can't wait to tell Doug about it. Keep us posted. And you know how I love anything that involves puke!

Linz said...

Nate and I are doing P90X. I seriously pulled an ab muscle the first week thanks to ab ripper x. Dang Mason Twist!

margo said...

Go Derek!!! You can take it all big guy!! maybe you could inspire me a little....please!